Hi, my name is Priyanka.

I'm the founder of Education Next, an educator and a parent.

Before starting Education NExt ,

I was struggling to find a balance.

I was struggling to find  suitable learning for my kid

I was following the crowd,

I used to stress over my child not being a part of a good school or that he might be missing a great class,

I was hunting the best way to raise a kid,

I looked for resources, searched for the best curriculum,

Working in schools made me realize,

We are all stuck in the same old ways of learning,

The same subjects with little modifications here and there

The learning was one size fit all approach

There was rush everywhere,

Everybody wanted their kids to get the best of the best

But what were the kids actually learning, they had no idea!

I spoke to many parents and friends who have kids,

They were unhappy but they chose to follow the crowd

Even when my son was studying in the best school of the town,

I got the FOMO that he his still missing a lot,

I realized schools are limited by their capacity but parents are not.

I started interacting with educators, homeschool parents, friends,

and felt that parents want a change just that they do not know how to..

A happy child
The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude' -Oprah Winfrey.

We don’t have to grill the child to drill the process of learning in them.

We have all been there,

We have been in classrooms,

We all  know that the process of learning could be better.

But at that time our parents didn’t have much choice.

Guess What?? We have choices.

You worked your way up.You managed.

When you see alternate ways of learning

Do you say things like

“We didn’t have options like this, but we turned out fine”

“I have managed with the same system so can my child”

Well, that’s a dangerous statement to make.

Are you also saying that with so many ways to make learning personalized for your kid,

You will still choose to hang out with methods that are not applicable anymore.

Research says parents of successful kid are involved in their child’s learning.

I understand , you are busy

At the same you want to bring up your kids with skills that are relevant

After deep study and reflection, I have come to realize that these 5 things can change the learning game

1. Awareness

I am exploring learning beyond the rigid curriculum of schools

I am aware of including skills that are relevant today and I believe children should get the opportunity to experience myriad of things that are available out there

2. Reflection

I started looking closely to understand what my child was enjoying,

I am able to look deeper into what my kid likes and help him achieve that

3. Acceptance

I let my child take the lead,

I don't compare my situation with others

I understand that he should have the independence to choose

4. Practise

I am consciously practising what suit his learning style,

I have adopted best and suitable practises in my parenting

5. Possibility

But I can promise you that change is possible

I have switched from a stressful parenting style to a conscious parenting


And, I have decide to share what learn with you.


I have transformed as a parent and I want to help you

I want to create the same environment for you

So that you feel empowered and aware

Let your kids be WHO THEY ARE, not who someone thinks they should be. Throw away the mold and let your kids LIVE.  —Lyle Perry

Hence, Education Next.

What if I say, I will package the best practices and give you the choice to pick the best for your kid.

So here, is my gift to you- my newsletters

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