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Walking an Unconventional Path: A Journey of Courage and Inspiration

It is a story of defying conventional norms and empowering others to live on their own terms.

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“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but a lifelong attempt to acquire it.” – Albert Einstein

New age learners are not scared of transition they are ready to adapt and find their way through it.

Free Explorers

Learning that allows freedom to explore

Creative Thinkers

Let's raise children to be critical and creative thinkers who become lifelong learners,

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It's time to change the narrative from raising high achievers to happy learners.


"Priyanka has been teaching SDGs to CodeTots Japan’s Students for 2 years, her sessions are well organized for students to learn about the 17 SDGs, with videos, comics, news stories, background information, and classroom activities that are compelling and easily digested. Exceptional facilitator & speaker."
Shreya, founder at CodeTots
"During the pandemic I was concerned with my son"s education as he was unable to get used to the online format. Priyanka was instrumental in guiding me she counselled us to make the best of the online education and over a period my son was able to get better with the online format."
Sourav, father of two
"Priyanka is straight forward, loving and positive. As a teacher she is loved by kids, I have seen children getting excited and more expressive when speaking to her,  Parents recognize her as someone who can say what's wrong and whats right to the child in an acceptable way. As a  mother she is an angel to your son."
Neethu, mother of two boys
“Priyanka is extremely enterprising, approachable and very well organized in her thoughts as well as her delivery of responsibilities. She came across as a very confident person who went around doing her duties very skilfully and I thought that she could take up more  challenging roles.”
Preeti , mother and educator
“I rarely find something so informative which focuses on a child's self growth rather than just grades. And here I can really get new data and some original ideas - it’s really something that will be relevant for a long time to come.”
Kanchan, education enthusiast
“My 1st impression about Priyanka is the patience that she expressed with all the children while attempting to answer all their myriad questions. She was definitely the inspiration for very many of the kids into taking up reading as a hobby if not a habit.”
Rajesh, educator