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Alternate Learning

Learn How This Virtual Program Turns Students Into Young Entrepreneurs

This innovative virtual program empowers teens to push past their comfort zones and develop the skills they need to become successful entrepreneurs.
Skills For Future

Lessons From Sam Altman On Focus, Self-Belief, And Connections

The Sam Altman Formula: How Focus, Self-Belief, and Personal Connections Drive Results.
Skills For Future

How Education Needs To Change For Skill Based Hiring

The job market is shifting towards skills-based hiring. Learn why companies are seeking candidates with the right abilities, not just a degree.
Youth Inspiration

Justin Welsh's Six Timeless Pieces of Advice for Young Professionals

Great advice from Justin Welsh to young creators.
Alternate Learning

Goa: A Paradise for Worldschooling Families with a Global Flair

Goa offers beaches, history, nature, and a global mix for worldschooling families.
Alternate Learning

Kolkata: A Worldschooling Paradise Where History, Culture, and Adventure Collide

Kolkata can be a great place to explore if you are worldschooling.
Skills For Future

Preparing Learners for Skill-Based Hiring: Tips and Strategies

The future of work demands a new set of skills. This guide offers practical strategies to prepare learners for the growing trend of skill-based hiring.

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