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What makes wonder by -RJ Palacio a great book for families

If you are looking for a good book to read with your kids, wonder can be a great choice.
Alternate Learning

Why most Indian families can relate to the movie Taare Zameen Par?

Most Indians have experienced a learning atmosphere similar to what Ishaan in the movie Taare Zameen PAr experienced
Alternate Learning

What You Need To Know About Jane Goodall And Her Education

Jane Goodall followed her heart and interest. She did what she truly loved.
Alternate Learning

How to be a better self-learner

When you are raising a self-learner, who want them to have a direction. Read the blog to understand the support they need
Skills For Future

Helping kids to develop self-love

Self-love is a very important skill that parents should make conscious effort to build in kids.
Alternate Learning

Do you find school limits your child's potential?

A school can limit your child's learning in so many ways.
Integrated Parenting

Are you raising kids who are too dependent on you?

What happens when you raise kids who are extremely dependent on you, read to find it.

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