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Why Quitting Social Media Might Be The Ultimate Upgrade

Feeling stuck in a cycle of scrolling and FOMO? Dr. Cal Newport, a renowned author, argues quitting social media can be a game-changer for young people.
Digital Learning

Blaming Social Media Or Understanding Psychology Behind: Debate On Youth Well-Being

Explore the complexities of the relationship between digital platforms and mental health, considering evidence and insights into adolescent psychology.
Digital Learning

What Parents Should To Know About Discord?

Discover the essential information parents need to ensure their child's safety on Discord.
Digital Learning

WhatsApp Safety Guide for Kids: Unlocking the Secrets to Secure Chatting

Here is guide to help their kids use whatsapp.
Digital Learning

Navigating Instagram for Kids: A Parent's Guide to Positive Social Media Use

Unlock the educational potential of Instagram for kids with our guide to safe social media use. Learn how to use Instagram as a tool for learning.

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