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Skills For Future

What makes youth optimistic about the future of work?

Discover the driving forces behind the optimism of today's youth regarding the future of work.
Skills For Future

Empowering Kids Worldwide: The Impact of MaNaBu Movement

Discover how Manabu Movement empowers children globally through innovative learning experiences. Explore their inspiring journey!
Skills For Future

How To Encourage Children To Embrace Ikigai For Creating A Purpose

How parents can help kids walk towards their ikigai
Skills For Future

Benefits of doing monthly reflection with kids

Discover the benefits of monthly reflection writing for kids and learn how to encourage this valuable habit. Read our tips and strategies.
Skills For Future

Why you should encourage your child's passions?

Learn about the benefits of giving kids the freedom to explore their passion and discover unique talents
Skills For Future

Why Children These Days Want To Be Youtubers?

Discover why more and more kids are interested in becoming YouTubers and learn about the appeal of this career path for children.
Skills For Future

How To Help Kids Develop Research Skills?

Discover the best ways to help your child develop important research skills. Our blog provides practical tips and strategies for parents and educators.

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