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Mitchel Resnick - how to nurture kids creativity

Unlock the secrets of nurturing kids' creativity with Mitchel Resnick. Discover innovative approaches and tools to inspire young minds.
Alternate Learning

What Young Creators Can Learn From Austin Kleon?

Discover valuable insights for young creators from Austin Kleon's creative wisdom. Harness your artistic potential.
Alternate Learning

Why It's Important To Foster Teens' Exploration Of Creative Careers?

Discover exciting opportunities, practical advice, and inspiring stories to help young minds pursue their passions and shape a fulfilling future.
Skills For Future

The Power of First Principle Thinking for Young Innovators

First Principle Thinking for Kids - Explore the power of first principle thinking and how it can nurture the creativity of young innovators.
Skills For Future

Empowering Children for Future Readiness through Trust, Curiosity, and Connection

Learn the importance of fostering a supportive environment, encouraging exploration, and embracing real-life experiences.
Skills For Future

How To Foster Curiosity In Children For Lifelong Growth

We ask kids to have an ambition, what if asked kids to follow their creativity
Integrated Parenting

Why Asking Kids What They Want To Be Isn't The Best Approach

Generally, adults have the habit of asking kids what they want to be and it can be unfair. see why
Alternate Learning

How to Raise Creative Kids Without Holding Them Back?

Having creative kids and raising them to be smart and successful can seem like a daunting task. But don't despair! This blog provides strategies and tips

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