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Skills For Future

12 Tips To Foster Digital Creativity Over Consumption In Kids

Unlock your child's potential with these 12 expert tips designed to shift their digital experience from passive consumption to active creation.
Skills For Future

How To Help Young People Who Want to Be Digital Creators

Discover effective strategies for nurturing children's creative aspirations, guiding them towards becoming confident creators in various fields.
Integrated Parenting

The Best Way For Parents To Mentor Their Kids

Discover powerful techniques for parents to mentor their children, fostering personal growth, resilience, and success in various aspects of life.
Skills For Future

PM Modi Presents National Creators Award For The First Time

Elevate your content creation journey with India's Creators Award, a prestigious celebration honoring innovation in the realm of content creation.
Skills For Future

Non-creative Jobs Are Being Replaced By Machines - Jordan Peterson

Peterson draws connections between creativity and openness to experience, intellectual curiosity, and a willingness to explore divergent paths
Alternate Learning

How Education System Crush The Creative People Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson, in his lectures on psychology and philosophy, talks in-depth about the challenges of nurturing and managing creatives.
Digital Learning

Google's Experiments For Young Explorers: A Journey Into Innovative Discoveries

Dive into a world of creative wonders, digital wellbeing, and artistic intersections that captivate and inspire.
Digital Learning

How Young People Can Thrive In The Creator Economy

Empower the next generation to excel in the creator economy with valuable insights on thriving in this dynamic landscape.

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