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Digital Learning

How Duolingo Makes Learning As Addictive As Social Media?

Discover how Duolingo, the language-learning app, is redefining education by making the learning experience as addictive and engaging as social media.
Digital Learning

Unlocking the Power of GitHub: A Guide for Young Coders

Unleash the potential of GitHub with this comprehensive guide tailored for young coders. Discover how to harness the full power of this essential platform.
Digital Learning

Can kids aged 9-12 inspire young adults to use AI for good?

The AI Bootcamp hosted over 40 sessions on AI, remote work, and entrepreneurship, with 15 international experts of all ages, including young geniuses.
Digital Learning

Unlocking the World of Artificial Intelligence: A Day at Bansko

Discover the world of Artificial Intelligence through a captivating day at Bansko. Join us as young minds, parents, and experts delve into AI's wonders.
Digital Learning

How Young Indian YouTubers Are Achieving Remarkable Success

Uncover the phenomenal success stories of young Indian YouTubers as they rise to stardom and make their mark in the digital world
Digital Learning

Unlock Your Learning Potential With Productivity Apps And Tools

Productivity tools and apps for self-learners
Digital Learning

GPT 4 And The Other New AI Tools To Up Your learning Game

Are you gearing up for the GPT-4, it has been in discussions for a while now. read more to learn about it

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