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Education Innovation

The Crucial Role of Diversity in Education and Learning

Discover why diversity in education and learning is essential for fostering innovation, understanding, and a richer educational experience.
Alternate Learning

How Coaching Institutes In India Are Minting Money?

Discover how coaching institutes in India are raking in profits as they prepare students for competitive exams.
Alternate Learning

How One-on-One Tutoring Enhances Personalized Learning For Success

Discover the transformative power of one-on-one tutoring in achieving personalized learning success.
Skills For Future

Why College Degree Do Not Guarantee Poverty Free Life?

Discover why a college degree may not guarantee financial security. Explore the factors affecting post-graduate employment and income prospects.
Education Innovation

Unlocking India's Youth through Khoj and ‘The Great Indian Treasure Hunt’

Khoj, which means 'to explore' in Hindi, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering marginalized youth to explore social change.

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