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Alternate Learning

Ted Talks On Unschooling That Will Inspire You

If you are looking for inspiration to unschool your kids, you can listen to these ted talks to understand more about alternate learning.
Alternate Learning

How schools destroy learning experiences of young minds

Investigate how traditional education methods can harm a child's learning experience. Examine the negative effects of standardized testing.
Alternate Learning

In conversation with the Unschooler and full time traveller - Gangadhar Krishnan

Join the conversation with a unique educator and traveller. Meet Gangadhar Krishnan, a homeschooling unschooler and full-time traveller.
Alternate Learning

Great lessons from unschoolers that you need to hear.

Discover the insights and lessons from experienced unschoolers. Hear their stories of self-directed education and the impact it has had on their lives.
Alternate Learning

This Is How COVID Helped Us Quit Traditional Schooling

Uncover the positive impact of COVID-19 on education. Discover how the pandemic has led families to reconsider traditional schooling.
Alternate Learning

We Quit Traditional School And This Is What Happened

Join the movement away from traditional schooling. Follow the journey of a family who chose to leave the traditional education system.

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