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Integrated Parenting

Why You Should Not Focus On Grades - Carol Dweck

Discover why focusing on learning and effort, rather than grades, can pave the way for lifelong success.
Youth Inspiration

Why Finding One Passion Isn't the Only Path to Youth Career Success?

Exploring diverse career options for youth! Learn why finding a single passion isn't the only route to success.
Skills For Future

Why College Degree Do Not Guarantee Poverty Free Life?

Discover why a college degree may not guarantee financial security. Explore the factors affecting post-graduate employment and income prospects.
Digital Learning

Sal Khan: how videos are the future of learning

Explore the innovative approach to learning with Sal Khan's video-based teaching method.
Skills For Future

Skills Students Need To Be Ready For Future

Prepare your kids for the future! Discover the essential skills students need to succeed, including problem solving, adaptability, and more.
Digital Learning

The new education culture- Online schooling?

Explore the future of education. Read our latest blog on online schooling and learn about the new education culture. Discover the benefits and challenges
Skills For Future

Give your child the gift of self directed learning

Empower your child with self-directed learning. Learn the benefits and how to give your child the gift of independence and creativity

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