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How Schools kill creativity- Ken Robinson

Explore the profound impact of Sir Ken Robinson's revolutionary perspective on education, as we delve into the shortcomings of the traditional system.
Alternate Learning

Will you continue traditional school this year?

"Debate the pros and cons of traditional schooling in light of current circumstances. Consider the impact of remote learning and the future of education.
Skills For Future

How Much Of Your School Grades Was Really Useful In Life?

Explore the relevance of school grades in real-life situations in this thought-provoking blog post.
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Did School Make You Hate Maths?

Examine the reasons why many students develop a hatred for math. Explore the common misconceptions about math and its role in education.
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The School Rules That Hardly Makes Any Sense Now

Question the outdated school rules that no longer serve a purpose. Examine the absurdity of dress codes, strict homework policies.
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How To Know If Traditional School May Not Be The Right Learning Environment For Your Kid

Discover if traditional school may not be the best fit for your child with these signs. Learn how to support their learning journey.
Alternate Learning

Can the Traditional Schooling Prepare Students for the future?

Examine the role of traditional schooling in preparing students for the future. Is it enough?

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