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What Makes Teaching Much More Than Just Teaching

Teaching is much more than we always thought
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Teacher Training Tips To Help Them Become Better Learners

Learn how to become a better learner as a teacher with our expert tips and strategies.
Digital Learning

5 Digital tools to help you create amazing content for kids

Bring your kids' content to life with these 5 digital tools. Read our latest blog for the best tools to create amazing content for kids.
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How To Use Conundrums At Home To Develop Critical Thinking In Kids

Boost your child's critical thinking skills with conundrums! Learn how to use this fun and effective tool to challenge and stimulate young minds
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How essential it is to have a futurist mindset for an educator- find out!

Stay ahead of the curve! Discover the importance of having a futurist mindset for educators. Learn how to prepare students for the future
Digital Learning

List Of Ed Tech Companies That Are Sharing The Burden Of Private Tutors In India

Its a great for teachers who are looking to transition, many companies are coming forward to create platforms for teachers to sell their courses.
Digital Learning

What is the success mantra for being an effective online teacher?

Teachers have shifted to online teaching beautifully and these steps will help them grow in their field successfully.

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