Embarking on a transformative mission, EducationNext and the MaNaBu Movement have unveiled a milestone for the history books, calling upon 88 thought leaders to contribute their insights towards reforming education.
Recognizing the need for a profound shift in our educational approach, this collaborative effort aspires to transform how we perceive and engage with education.

In what ways can the collective wisdom of 88 thought leaders pave the way for a transformative reformation in our education system?

This collaborative initiative, spearheaded by EducationNext and the MaNaBu Movement, aims to gather diverse perspectives to redefine and reshape education.

By tapping into the collective expertise of 88 thought leaders, the initiative seeks to bring about a paradigm shift in our understanding and approach to education.

Twenty years ago, homeschooling was considered an uncommon and sidelined alternative. However, attitudes have shifted, with many parents viewing it as a viable educational option today.

The Washington Post reports a 108% increase in homeschool enrollment in Washington, D.C.'s school district since the 2017-18 school year, calling it schooling's rise from fringe to the fastest-growing form of #education.’

Given families' shifting attitudes towards homeschooling and the growing adoption of alternative learning approaches, could alternative learning methods catalyze overhauling the outdated and ineffective education system?

This inquiry aligns with Ken Robinson's critique of the current educational model.

Sir Ken Robinson, renowned for his TED talk on stifling creativity in schools, emphasizes the urgent need to accord creativity the same status as literacy.

Dr. George Land and Beth Jarman's NASA-commissioned study reveals a concerning decline in creative thinking among American children due to the conventional education system's constraints, echoing Robinson's concerns.

At age 5, 98 percent of these children demonstrated "genius-level" imaginative and innovative thinking when presented with a problem that required an inventive solution.

The Washington Post's findings highlight homeschooling as a rapidly expanding educational choice, supporting the notion that homeschooling plays a pivotal role in reshaping the educational landscape

Collaborating with the perspectives of 88 thought leaders, this initiative aims to spark impactful conversations and initiate tangible transformations in the education system.

Our collective aspiration is to mould a future where personalized learning takes the lead, nurturing creativity, innovation, and tailored learning experiences for future generations. Join us on this transformative voyage toward a more vibrant educational landscape.

Nov 22, 2023
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