re you wondering what is coding for kids?

Coding for kids might sound very complex, but you will be surprised how so many apps and programs are making it so easy for kids. 

coding is simply how we communicate with computers for running websites and apps. 

What is the best age to learn coding?

It might be overwhelming for you to hear about coding lessons everywhere but trust me it's nothing more than playing a video game if started with basic lessons. Kids don't take much time to get used to it just like they quickly understand video games.

They can start as early age 7 years though you might have seen younger kids programming as well, it depends on when parents choose to introduce these skills to kids.

But we need to remember that kids need to develop fine motor skills before they start on the keyboard.

Why are more kids coding now?

There are a number of reasons why more kids are coding now. One of the most important is that technology has become much more accessible, and there are many more tools available to help teach children how to code. With the rise of online coding courses and interactive websites, it's easier than ever for kids to get started with learning programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Benefits of coding for kids?

Computer programming can help kids develop critical thinking and creativity. 

When coding, a child finds several ways to solve a problem, they are constantly finding ways to resolve issues. The best thing is they are not just consuming content but they are learning to create digital content.

Rather than just using an app or playing a video game, children start to understand the brains behind the planning and development of the game instead.

By problem-solving with code, the child’s brain can get stronger and more adaptable, they take up the challenge and realize that it might take several attempts to solve a problem.

Are children more interested in coding games?

Many children are definitely interested in coding games. These types of games have become increasingly popular, and they allow kids to learn coding skills while having fun at the same time.

The interest in coding is only growing, and it looks like more kids are going to be coding than ever before.

How do help kids learn to code from home?

Though there are many options to learn to code for kids for free, it can be tough to know which ones are the best for kids. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing to code for kids free.

There are many different programs available online but one of the most important things to consider when choosing one is whether or not it's age-appropriate. In general, a good course will cover the basics of programming without being too overwhelming.

It's also important to consider the instructor when choosing a course. Ideally, you want someone who is patient and has a lot of experience working with kids.

When you want to introduce, it's important first to check with the school if they are already doing it and what platform they are using.

Here are a few great coding for kids resources

Code.org- My son started with code.org. when he was years old. They have a great interface that kids can use to drag and drop blocks of code to create programs. This has the option of block coding for kids.

  • The programs are available for different age categories
  • Kids can learn to make their games, app, or computer drawing.
  • There is a lot for the early learner to explore and learn as they progress from one level to another.
  • Parents can easily help their children if they get stuck as there are tutorials and videos to pass each level.
  • Many schools and companies are using code.org to help kids

Scratch- Scratch is a great way for kids to learn the basics of coding while also being creative. Kids can create games, stories, and animations with Scratch coding for kids. Kids drag and drop blocks in the beginning stage and they can go on to use code for complex tasks.

  • Scratch is an open-ended platform and kids get to explore and experiment.
  • Kids can create games from the tutorial available, edit images, and add sounds.
  • Kids can share links with others to try their games as well.
Scratch for coding

Codemonkey- Codemonkey is game-based programming for kids. They have a separate login if parents want to take this program for kids.

There is a 14-day free trial for kids to explore the platform.

  • Kids have the option to learn through a wide variety of games that includes puzzles and challenges
  • Coding and programming concepts are tightly woven into the games and story-based activities.

No matter which course you choose, it's important that your child is excited about learning how to code. Look for a course that they are interested in and will enjoy using.

Through different games, kids can easily learn the basics and essential parts of the coding world. It is a heart-touching moment for a mother to see her child creating stories, characters, drawing, and sketching programs at a young age.

code monkey for coding

Tynker- Tynker has self-paced courses for kids along with living sessions. There are paid programs on the platform and some are free to explore. My son has been trying these recently and he has been having a lot of fun.

Students have the option to learn Java and Python as well in Tynker.

Tynker for kids

If you want to read more about these coding platforms, read here - https://www.educationnext.in/posts/popular-coding-tools-for-kids-that-you-must-check-out

What you should not do as a parent of a beginner?

Don't force your kids to code if they are not ready yet. Some kids are just not interested in coding and that's fine.

Don't spend a lot of money on courses, there are plenty of free ones available to begin.

Don't be too concerned if your child doesn't want to code 24/7. Just let them progress at their own pace and enjoy the process.


Encourage your kids to experiment with different coding courses and find one that they enjoy.

Make sure your child is still getting plenty of exercises, spending time with family and friends, and doing other activities they enjoy.

According to Dick Costolo, the former CEO of Twitter said: “If you can program a computer, you can achieve your dreams. A computer doesn’t care about your family background, your gender, just that you know how to code. But we’re only teaching it in a small handful of schools, why?”

here are a variety of coding tools available for kids, ranging from simple drag-and-drop interfaces to more complex text-based languages. Here are four of the most popular coding tools for kids:

Is Scratch the best coding platform for kids and teens?

Though a little background knowledge of coding might be needed before kids start from scratch. Scratch can be used to create simple games, animations, and stories. scratch is also a great way for kids to learn about collaboration and sharing their work with others.

Features that separate Scratch from other platforms:

-Scratch is very user-friendly and has a great community of coders.

-Kids can use Scratch to build their projects by following tutorials and sharing their work with others.

-You have the option to browse through an amazing collection of projects posted by other participants.

-It's easy to share one's work on the platform.

-Independent learners will enjoy the platform because it encourages creativity.

-The projects are also motivating because they can be easily shared with a global audience.

Is Code.org best coding platform for kids

Code.org is a great resource for kids to learn coding for free. It offers a variety of coding courses for different ages and levels. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a way to get their kids into coding!

Code.org is a nonprofit education initiative with a vision that every child has the opportunity to learn computer science as part of their education. 

Code.org's mission is to increase participation in computer science by making it available in more schools and increasing the participation of women and underrepresented minorities.

Code.org has developed a comprehensive K-12 curriculum that anybody can use to teach computer science, and offer teacher professional development resources and its very useful for teachers who want to learn.

Many teachers are using code.org to teach in schools as it has easy-to-use LMS that helps you to manage their class easily.

Over 70 million students and 2 million teachers on Code.org

Learn coding from home with Code.org

But that does not mean parents cannot take advantage of the platform, too. The home page has a big "Learn at Home" button that takes parents to a landing page with options for kids of all ages, even those who are not yet old enough for school.

For the youngest learners, Code Studio offers tutorials featuring characters from "Frozen," "Angry Birds," and "Star Wars." These start with the basics of coding concepts like sequencing and loops.

Older kids can try their hand at tutorials featuring instructional videos from professional coders, or they can jump right into projects on making games, learning how to code art, and more.

Code.org also offers resources for parents who want to help their kids learn to code but don't know where to start. The "Parents & Guardians" section of the website has articles on why learning to code is important, how parents can support their kids' coding journey, and more.

Free coding for kids websites



Code academy

Khan academy

Websites and apps for Learning Coding for kids and teens

Tynker Junior

It is a picture coding game with voice-overs. Children who have not yet learned to read can solve story-based puzzles and build their first programs in coding sandboxes. This is applicable for ages 5-7.


This is for older kids aged 6-11. This is more like drag-and-drop block coding with a full-featured workshop. Kids can build games and apps, compose music and art, they can control smart devices, etc.

Mod Creator

This is like drag-and-drop Minecraft modding. Kids can design skins, blocks, and items. They can modify mob behavior and add another add-on for ages 6-11 years

Why Tynker is a great coding program to explore?

Parents need not depend on the schools to teach coding to kids, they can explore the program to help kids learn. Coding is a thinking process, and Tynker offers coding classes kids need to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively – this makes coding fun.

Tynker provides an opportunity for parents to be part of their child’s learning journey and see firsthand how coding helps them develop essential problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. Parents have access to the dashboard, they can see what progress the kids have made and share it with friends as well.

Coding is a new literacy and Tynker offers a comprehensive learning pathway to ensure kids have the opportunity to develop this important skill.

Tynker’s visual programming language makes it easy for kids to get started with coding.

As they progress, they can learn text-based languages like JavaScript and Python, which are used by professional developers. In Tynker, kids can code independently at their own pace, or they can join forces with friends to code together in multiplayer mode.

CodeMonkey is an educational game-based platform that helps kids try coding activities without any prior experience.

This is a free app that lets kids to use their online learning platform to create projects. Create your own games using the app and get to build on the platform.

The paid subscription gives access to additional features, such as unlimited playtime, more challenging levels, and access to a private forum where kids can ask questions and get help from other coders.

Whether you're a parent looking for a fun and educational game for your kids, or a teacher looking for a new way to teach coding, CodeMonkey is a great option for increasing coding knowledge.

What I found interesting about code monkey is that it has plans for

  • Individuals - This offers one parent and a child account along with progress tracking.
  • Family - This has 1 parent and 3 child accounts with progress tracking.
  • Homeschool- This offers 3 students, and 2 teachers' accounts. It offers a classroom dashboard. lesson plans, solutions, etc.

Courses offered by Code Monkey to learn coding for kids

Code Monkey Jr- A block-based coding game for pre-kg and kg children.

Beaver Achiever- A block-based coding game where kids learn through a story of a beaver.

Dodo Does Math- Coding courses to practice maths and programming

Coding Adventure - Real-world coding challenge for kids

Game Builder - It teaches kids to build games using CoffeeScript

Banana Tales- A games based python course for ages 11- 13

Coding Chatbots- Coding Chatbots introduces kids ages 13+ to the programming language of Python.

Other free coding games platforms for kids or free coding for kids websites to explore

Minecraft for coding :

Coding in Minecraft is an especially popular way for children to get started with coding as it doesn't require them to be familiar with programming languages and they can create custom commands that they control in-game.

Minecraft for coding

Code Combat:

It combines the world of fantasy with the basics of coding. It lets learn kids learn through stories and games.

Code Combat for coding

The world of coding is not only giving kids new ways to learn but there are websites that offer a  free online community, coding resources, text-based coding, and online coding classes. Kids as young as 4 or 5 years old are learning coding basics.

This allows kids to build on the platforms, kids play and learn, and for all, we know these kids will be able to create amazing games in the future. While online learning and online programming are trending everywhere we need to be sure that these coding sites are suitable for kids.

There are many free versions available before we dive into the programs where kids can learn about coding, try visual coding, try building websites, build their own games, code to make a character they want, and try making their own websites. If you want to learn to code, there are several resources available to help kids get started. Websites like Code Academy, and Khan Academy all offer free coding tutorials for beginners.

A Kids programming platform that is exclusively designed for kids with different coding languages like stem and coding is a blessing for kids who want to start learning how to code. This generation of kids needs more online games and fun coding games that let them explore coding in a fun way.

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