lass Dojo is being used by many families all over the world, it is an app that connects families to classrooms. It gives teachers a way to quickly and easily communicate with parents about their child's progress in class. It also allows parents to monitor their child's academic performance and see how they are doing relative to other students in the class

But if you are a parent looking to use the platform there are amazing resources that you can use.

Resources on Growth Mindset

ClassDojo and Stanford's PERTS Research Center teamed up to create the first season of The Mojo Show. The five-episode video series (along with a few incredible activities) highlight the power of having a growth mindset, and how any student can learn this skill!

The topics include:

Your brain is like a muscle- https://ideas.classdojo.com/i/growth-mindset-1

The Magic of Mistakes- https://ideas.classdojo.com/f/growth-mindset-2

The Incredible Power of Yet- https://ideas.classdojo.com/i/growth-mindset-3

The Mysterious World of Neurons- https://ideas.classdojo.com/i/growth-mindset-4

Mojo Puts It All Together- https://ideas.classdojo.com/i/growth-mindset-5

Reflecting on our Language-https://ideas.classdojo.com/i/reflecting-on-our-language

Does Everyone make Mistakes?-https://ideas.classdojo.com/i/does-everyone-make-mistakes

Reflection Triangles-https://ideas.classdojo.com/i/reflection-triangles

Becoming a Goal Setter-https://ideas.classdojo.com/i/becoming-a-goal-setter


Class Dojo has teamed with Astra Nova to create Conundrums! This learning series with Activities introduces the challenging idea that not all problems have a clear right answer. Each episode is carefully designed to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills!

There are 27 videos on conundrums, we are listing here a few of them

The Weather Conundrum - https://ideas.classdojo.com/i/the-weather-conundrum

The Neighbor Conundrum- https://ideas.classdojo.com/i/the-neighbor-conundrum

The Dinosaur Conundrum- https://ideas.classdojo.com/i/the-dinosaur-conundrum

The Flying Bike Conundrum- https://ideas.classdojo.com/i/the-flying-bike-conundrum

The Speed Conundrum- https://ideas.classdojo.com/i/the-speed-conundrum

Resources on Perseverance

ClassDojo and Stanford University's PERTS research center created a three-episode video series about perseverance, including a concept called "The Dip." This board includes the popular series as well as accompanying activities to help students learn the power of perseverance and what it looks like in real life!

Katie Discovers The Dip- https://ideas.classdojo.com/i/perseverance-the-dip-1

Climbing out of The Dip- https://ideas.classdojo.com/i/perseverance-the-dip-2

The Big Show- https://ideas.classdojo.com/i/perseverance-the-dip-3

Discovering The Dip- https://ideas.classdojo.com/i/discovering-the-dip

Resources on Empathy

ClassDojo and Harvard University's Making Caring Common Project collaborated to create a three-episode video series all about empathy. Find these empathy episodes along with some amazing activities to help strengthen your students' empathy skills. https://ideas.classdojo.com/b/empathy

Resources on Gratitude


Resources on Mindfulness

This set of activities was created in partnership with Yale University's Center for Emotional Intelligence.


Resources on Moods and attitude


Resources on Big Challenges


Resources on Respect


Resources on Positive Thinking


I feel the topics that are chosen are very relevant to children today. The activities are also great for helping children understand the topics being discussed.

The videos can be used by parents at home to encourage discussions around these topics and help kids see the value of having a positive mindset.

Children generally like anything in the format of videos and cartoons. The activities are also short and to the point. Though these topics might seem very serious, the way they are presented make them digestible for kids.

I think that these videos provide a lot of good information for children in a format that is easy for them to understand and follow. I would recommend these videos to parents and teachers who are looking for ways to help kids develop a growth mindset.

Jul 6, 2022
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