i everyone! I’m 10 years old Atharva(Adi), and I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend the Ecoversity Gathering in Nepal with my mom. This trip is part of a learning yatra we are on this year to explore alternative learning spaces and meet inspiring people.

We stayed at the Royal Beach Camp in Dhading, a beautiful place surrounded by nature. One of the highlights of my stay was experiencing river rafting for the first time—it was thrilling and so much fun!

During the gathering, I participated in a fantastic game called Octopus Tank, hosted by Manas Arvind. It’s a fun and interactive game where you pitch your idea to a panel and ask for your needed help.

I needed a gimbal camera for a film project I’m working on to document our learning yatra.

I prepared for my pitch and was excited (and a little nervous) to present my idea to the audience and the panel.

When it was my turn, I shared my project and explained why I needed the camera. To my delight, many people were very generous and supportive!

Not only did I receive some cash and checks, but people also offered contacts and mentorship for filmmaking.

In total, I was able to generate around 11,000 rupees for my camera through the Octopus Tank game.

With some additional help and support from my mentor, Andreas Wil Gerdes, and the MaNaBu Movement, I gathered the remaining funds I needed and finally bought the camera.

Now, I’m using the camera to cover our trip, and it’s making a huge difference in documenting our learning yatra. I can’t be more thankful for the support and generosity I received.

Participating in the Octopus Tank taught me a lot about presenting ideas, asking for help, and the kindness of others. It was a significant moment in my learning yatra, and I’m so grateful for the experience and the support I received.

I can’t wait to continue my project and share more stories from our journey!

Jul 3, 2024
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