he world is getting smaller, and families increasingly embrace travel as a crucial part of their education. Enter the concept of worldschooling, where classrooms transcend traditional walls and learning happens everywhere, from bustling cityscapes to remote rainforests.

And to support this growing trend, worldschooling hubs are popping up worldwide, offering communities, resources, and a sense of belonging for these nomadic learners.

So, what's driving this trend?

  • Increased Flexibility: Remote jobs and technological advancements make location independence more achievable.
  • A Holistic Learning Experience: Worldschooling allows children to learn through real-world experiences, immersing themselves in different cultures, languages, and environments.
  • Building Global Citizens: By interacting with diverse communities, children develop empathy, adaptability, and an appreciation for the world's richness.

Now, enter the worldschooling hub:

Imagine a vibrant space buzzing with families from all corners of the globe. Children play together, share experiences, and learn from each other's journeys. Parents network, exchange resources, and find support in their unique educational choices. This is the essence of a worldschooling hub.

What features do these hubs offer?

  • Collaborative learning spaces: Think of shared work areas, libraries, and outdoor play zones.
  • Workshops and activities: From language exchange to cultural immersions, hubs offer diverse learning opportunities.
  • Community events and gatherings: Potlucks, movie nights, and local excursions foster connection and build friendships.
  • Information and support: Hubs often provide resources on homeschooling laws, travel tips, and educational opportunities worldwide.

Are worldschooling hubs for you?

Whether you're a seasoned worldschooler or just curious about this alternative approach, hubs offer valuable benefits:

  • Finding your tribe: Connect with like-minded families and create a support network on the road.
  • Enriching your learning journey: Access resources, workshops, and activities to enhance your children's education.
  • Sharing experiences: Learn from other families' travels and insights, broadening your educational horizons.

Here are some Worldschooling Hubs 

The Teen-Led Entrepreneurship Community

The Teen-Led Entrepreneurship Community Hubs represent a pioneering project designed to assist world-schooling teens (16+) and young adults during their transition into empowered adulthood while embracing their unique lifestyle of travel and exploration.

Within these hubs, teens find a haven that caters to their natural cravings—community support, positive relationships, and strong bonds with like-minded peers. Led by teens, the hub fosters an environment that encourages free self-expression and facilitates self-discovery.

This unique initiative provides a platform for young minds to connect, learn, and thrive in a community that understands and celebrates their unconventional yet enriching lifestyle. 


Working without Borders

Working without Borders allows families to live temporarily in unique destinations with an extraordinary community. They offer coworking getaways with culturally immersive programming for kids and teens. This will enable parents to tackle projects in an inspiring environment with like-minded professionals while their children experience fun educational activities with locals. Parents can join their kids on their adventures or enjoy abundant recreational and wellness options with exciting community members.


Project World School

Project World School welcomes teens and young adults to join immersive learning events worldwide. These events are designed for homeschoolers, unschoolers, and democratic learners and take the form of Temporary Learning Communities.

Each retreat is a multi-day experience that utilizes the unique landscapes of the host country for exploration and discovery.

The retreats centre around the unique themes of each host country. We combine practical, hands-on experiences with personal and social growth, particularly emphasising global citizenship, cultural sensitivity, and fostering relationships through exploring ethics and conflict resolution.


Boundless Life - Boundless Life offers an innovative education program for children with a flexible and forward-thinking approach. The program encourages families to live and work worldwide, creating a community of like-minded individuals. Boundless Life handles all the logistics, including accommodation, experiences, making friends, and finding suitable schooling for your children.


Ready to explore the world with your family?

Worldschooling hubs are emerging as valuable resources for this growing community. If you're seeking a supportive environment, enriching learning experiences, and a global network of fellow adventurers, consider checking out a hub near you or on your travel route. 

Feb 8, 2024
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