t the AI boot camp in Kosovo, which hosted over 40 sessions on AI, remote work, and entrepreneurship, 15 international experts of all ages, including young geniuses, and hands-on workshops with two global AI companies, MaNaBu kids, aka young geniuses showcased their implementation of AI in everyday life. 

The MaNaBu kids' passion and ingenuity ignited a spark in everyone, proving that AI is not just for adults—anyone can be a world-changer, regardless of age.

Maria and Joana, currently worldschooling in Bansko, were part of the AI sessions with MaNaBu Movement. I asked their mom, Daniela, about their learning experience at the AI Bootcamp and how it has impacted their daily lives.

Daniela was very kind to share her thoughts with me and explained how the AI Bootcamp has opened up new possibilities for their family. 

1. How did you come across the AI sessions supported by MaNaBu Movement?

In a way, we came across the AI class in the forest rather than in an innovation hub.

Like many other people who made a similar shift, we left the big city and came to live in Bansko, a small town in Bulgaria. Our girls Maria (14) and Joana (11) became excellent friends with a girl who is only ten years old but can communicate freely, ask questions, motivate herself… and still be a kid. 

This fantastic kid is Maya. So Maya and her "papa" Andreas are the door to the sessions with Arta Statovci because they recommended our kids.

We have a saying in Bulgaria: that chance comes when you are ready for it. To get to the idea of leaving the big city and being a homeschooling family - these were specific prerequisites to come upon people like Maya and Andreas. 

Our children have common backgrounds - they are free spirits who were never segregated by years, evaluated, tested academically, given marks, never sat on desks for countless hours, and have never been forced to be in a "box". 

Still, they are naturally curious and love to learn. The AI sessions - like other interesting things -  are something they do with joy. We are very thankful for that opportunity, and I realize this is a rare chance for the kids.

2. How do you feel about Maria and Joana learning? What difference has it made in their lives now, and how was their education before this?

The first difference is in their general attitude to AI. When they started, quite like most people who are ignorant about something -  they were a bit prejudiced. I remember Maria asked questions about the boundaries of AI - where starts and finishes AI?  

Who defines how it operates? Why do people talk about the dangers so often? But then they started to understand that Arta is showing them valuable tools and examples of AI solutions that are improving lives. 

They learn about the implementation of AI in fields like medicine, science, and everyday life. The point of their sessions, as I see it from the inside, is - how can I have a better life, using AI to save time and to achieve more? 

As a parent from the "conveyor belt" generation, freedom and independence are of the highest value in the perspective of my kids' lives. The sooner you get to know AI and implement it in your learning and personal development, the better your life with more opportunities and free time.

A real example of my kids' mind shift was an assignment they had to make an interview from a podcast into a written text. The interview was in Bulgarian and was very talkative, but they figured out that they could ask Arta if AI could help them with that. Yes, after several sessions, they still cannot freely use every AI tool, but they already KNOW that AI can help, and they ASK. This is the significant difference before and after the sessions - they now know that excellent tools exist, and it is only a matter of time before they use them more. 

Of course, with the help of Arta, the right tool was found, and the interview was translated in no time. The text was very precisely written, but still, it was full of imperfections because of the talkative format. So the kids edited it, but overall - they saved time, and the work was done.

I would love to describe here how Maria and Joana learned astro physics or found a new chemical element with the help of AI… but they follow their learning impulses - sometimes for a week, sometimes for a year or more. 

Sometimes, these impulses are aligned with academics, sometimes not. A current learning impulse in Maria's life is our dog training. AI gives her ideas on how to teach the dog to run along with her when she is on the bike. On the other hand, Joana is a cook, and one day, I caught her asking AI how to prepare a gourmet dinner with these four products…  

They even asked AI how to get rid of the ants on the balcony. And it helped. It may sound funny, but they are kids; this is their real life and their questions. To connect their everyday reality with AI - this is beyond priceless and is the stable ground on which more elaborate assignments will grow. 

3. How are you seeing the worldschooling /homeschooling movement in Bansko?

It is a fact that Bansko attracts more and more worldschooling families. Nature is abundant: sports, hot springs, and accommodation. The living prices are affordable, the country is part of the EU, and there is no crime. Kids can ride their bikes freely, and there are enough co-working spaces for the digital nomads.

Skiing in the winter is so much fun. Local people are open and friendly. There is a culture valuing home-grown food, and the Sunday market is gorgeous. There is much more to be achieved here, but having a safe and multicultural environment near Sofia, Greece, and Turkey attracts more and more families year-round. 

Something very optimistic is happening in this little town. The world- and homeschooling families will be (globally) the snowball that will soon become an Avalon. Humanity and children have been enslaved for so long... but we may need to reach the bottom to break free.

The base was hit with the pandemic, and thanks to modern technologies, social media, mobile communications and the internet, we gained back our vision, our natural ability to dream and to wish, which was paralyzed before. 

4. What impact do you think the AI sessions can have on the young people in Bansko? How important do you feel is building AI skills? What makes you excited about it?

The tendency in Bansko, as in the country, is for young people to leave. If they are from a small town, they go to the capital or leave the country. This is also an old model from when there were not enough resources for a good life, and a good life meant "good work".

Now, there are so much more opportunities for the young generation. Young people are supplied with wings today. While this tendency will continue because of its inertia, kids from foreign and other Bulgarian families are coming to Bansko, attracted by its resources.

Educational opportunities here are enormous because there are so many experts. There are experts in agriculture, carpentry, sports, and digital areas… This sounds like a recipe for a better future to connect young minds with these experts and supply them with knowledge about the cutting-edge tool of our time, AI.

Arta Statovci,  a passionate expert in AI and education, conducts AI sessions with MaNaBu. She has a unique way of presenting complex topics into understandable and intriguing concepts. Her sessions are designed to teach and inspire young people and ignite their curiosity about AI. 

Building AI skills is becoming increasingly important today as technology rapidly advances and transforms our daily lives. By learning how to utilize AI tools, young people can not only enhance their personal development but also prepare themselves for the future job market.

It is exciting to see how these young minds will use their AI skills and knowledge to shape a better, more efficient and innovative world.

I am excited about the potential impact of AI sessions on the youth in Bansko. It can open up new horizons, help them develop critical thinking skills and become more confident in utilizing technology to solve real-life problems.

It is also an opportunity for them to discover their passions and interests in AI, which can lead to future career opportunities.

Most importantly, it is a chance for them to be part of a global movement shaping humanity's future. 

The MaNaBu movement believes in the power of education and AI to create a better world, and I am excited to be a part of this journey. The growth potential is limitless, and with each passing session, I am inspired by these young minds' curiosity, enthusiasm, and creativity. I am confident that they will use their knowledge and skills to impact their community and beyond positively.

Sep 30, 2023
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