s Adi and I continue our journey of exploring various learning spaces, our recent visit to Deer Park Institute in Bir, Himachal, was truly enriching.

Deer Park Institute is a wonderful retreat for both families and individuals, offering a serene environment and a variety of programs that promote learning and personal growth.

A Place of Peace and Learning

One of the main attractions of Deer Park Institute is the monastery, where visitors can participate in morning meditation sessions. This peaceful practice sets a calming tone for the day.

Additionally, the institute offers healthy food options on campus, emphasizing the importance of a balanced diet.

Meditation Hall at the Deer Park Institture, Bir.

Learning About Sustainability

During our stay, Adi and I had the opportunity to learn about sustainability and food. The institute provides educational experiences for children to understand the importance of sustainable living.

We were fortunate to be there on Environment Day, and Adi participated in a skit that highlighted environmental awareness and responsibility.

Dances of Universal Peace

One of the highlights of our visit was participating in the Dances of Universal Peace, a beautiful program that combines dance, movement, and music. This event brought together people from in and around Bir, creating a vibrant mix of participants.

It was a joyous and enriching experience that allowed us to connect with amazing individuals.

A Hub of Activities and Programs

Deer Park Institute hosts a variety of programs related to art, meditation, and life skills. There are numerous activities for children to enjoy, such as a well-stocked library and various engaging activities with other kids.

These programs provide a holistic learning experience, catering to different interests and promoting overall development.

Environment day at Deer Park Institute.

A Memorable Experience

Our time at Deer Park Institute was a great learning experience. We owe our heartfelt thanks to our friend Pravin, who assisted us throughout our visit. The institute’s environment, combined with the diverse programs and the wonderful community, made our stay truly memorable.

Deer Park Institute in Bir, Himachal, offers a unique blend of peace, learning, and community. It is a perfect retreat for families and individuals seeking personal growth and holistic learning experiences.

Memorable days at the Deer Park Institute, Bir.

From meditation and sustainability education to engaging activities for kids, the institute provides a nurturing environment that fosters learning and connection.

For anyone looking to explore alternative learning spaces and enjoy a serene retreat, Deer Park Institute is a must-visit destination. Adi and I left with a deeper appreciation for sustainable living and a heart full of beautiful memories.

Jun 29, 2024
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