ecently, my friend Andreas shared beautiful pictures of his kids playing with neighborhood children in Bansko, and it truly warmed my heart.

The kids are having water street fights while parents organize BBQ parties for families, fostering a vibrant, interconnected community.

Kids enjoying the water fight in the street in Bansko

Children of all age groups mingle and meet at various spots in the town, including the Horse stables, Town square, School yard, RollBahn, Creeks, Vihren Hut, The dam, and The park.

You can imagine them enjoying every nook and corner of the town. This reminds me of my childhood at my grandma's, where we roamed freely, visiting neighbors, playing in their yards, and hiding in the entire street during hide and seek.

It’s such a contrast to the modern approach of locking up kids in schools where they hardly get to enjoy such activities in the neighborhood.

This is what a natural childhood looks like—where kids are free to play, be outdoors, be around their loved ones, and learn skills in a trusted community. People know about each other; it's a way of life where kids are not separated from real life but are a part of it.

When children are free to explore their environment and interact with other families, they learn a lot from each other. They share skills, exchange gifts, and build lasting friendships.

Many parents ask me if there are spaces like this where they can spend time with their kids. I strongly believe that to experience such a lifestyle, parents need to step out of their homes and come together to create these models in their towns, wherever they are.

Imagine a community where kids are not confined to classrooms but instead are free to learn and grow in diverse environments. They develop a sense of independence, responsibility, and connection to their surroundings.

In Bansko, the children are truly owning the town, and it's a beautiful sight to behold.

I encourage more parents to consider creating similar spaces in their communities. It doesn’t take much to start—just a few families coming together with a shared vision can make a huge difference.

Let’s give our children the freedom to explore, play, and learn in ways that traditional schooling often doesn’t allow. Together, we can create vibrant, supportive environments that nurture our children’s growth and happiness.

Jul 6, 2024
Integrated Parenting

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