an you stop growing if you keep seeking and moving forward? I am asking this question a lot these days. As Adi and I travel and meet amazing people from different fields, I am repeatedly amazed by their stories. Last week, we were in Hyderabad attending the Indian Multiverse Alliance gathering, and our conversations were eye-opening. 

In a world where the traditional educational landscape is constantly evolving, alternative approaches to learning have gained momentum, offering innovative perspectives that challenge the status quo. Amidst this educational revolution, we had the privilege of attending the IMA Gathering, a remarkable confluence that brought together alternative learners and educators in a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences.

The energy of the room was palpable, and I felt all these stories that were being shared taking the shape of a beautiful river flowing through us. Even though everyone had their journeys, an overarching connection tied us together. We were united in our quest to learn from each other's experiences and use them as fuel to drive us forward.

Adi went around talking and connecting with people, and I noticed something powerful. Everyone had a unique story but shared the same passion for discovery and progress. Seeing how these people were united by this common ethos of growth and exploration was humbling despite their different backgrounds. 

The endless journey is not limited to physical travel but also a growth journey within ourselves. It's an exploration of our capacity, potential, and beliefs. And while the destination may be unknown, what matters most is the journey itself. 

Your destination can always change and become something new. No matter how long your path is, the adventure will always continue if you constantly search for fresh opportunities. The road ahead is full of potential - let it be your guide as you explore every corner of this world. 

The Unschooling Mela 

The IMA gathering was more like an unschooling mela, where people have found alternate paths to living and existing.

Many people have gone beyond the norms to create their unique paths. They've realized they need not conform to mainstream ideas but instead use them to guide their courses. Seeing how passionate people have become about creating alternate ways of living and learning was heartening.

A university around farms: People learn about growing food, best practices of growing local food and sustaining the balance of nature.

Jailveristy: Changing the lives of people in jail by teaching them skills to survive; inmates are finding solace in music and singing and exploring their creativity.

Alternate community schools: People create schools away from the mainstream education structure. These community-based schools teach kids practical skills like gardening and cooking while parents are educated in entrepreneurship and starting small businesses. 

These examples show how people have gone beyond conventions and created new paths for themselves and others. It breaks the monoculture and encourages people to think differently and find new ways of living and learning. 

These were just a few examples of the unique projects created by the members of the Indian Mutiveristy Alliance. It has made me realize there is so much potential in each of us, and I am excited to explore what lies ahead. So, let us embark on this journey together and see where it takes us. 

After all, life is an adventure - let's keep learning and discovering new things! 

One thing's certain: the road ahead is full of exciting possibilities. 

Adi in a university of diverse people. Adi made friends with people of all ages. He spoke to different people to understand their work and exchange ideas. He also found people who shared his sustainability vision, self-sufficiency, and collaborative learning. 

Adi was inspired by the energy of the crowd and their stories. After all, what he found was not just knowledge but an environment that encouraged collaboration and creation. 

Here is what some people had to say about Adi

He seems to have acquired skills to identify his own interest areas and find different ways to learn them both independently and from mentors. He has cultivated a gift to connect and stay relaxed with people from different baclgrounds and ages.
Very few can do this even at 20. or 30  with known people or strangers- Happy Ajay, Mumbai
I couldn't take Adi like most of the children I meet of similar age. He is a mature, serious, and compassionate soul. I was really glad to hear his suggestion for our Learning Journey to combine two batches together to reduce cost- Naji. Kerala

Aha moment: Adi came home and was singing Hindi Songs he learned in the gathering, the songs that were patriotic and spiritual. 

A space for openness and collaboration- 

The IMA gathering was a hub of diverse people coming from different backgrounds. It created a space where everybody could be open and collaborate, share knowledge, and discuss ideas. 

This is precisely what the world needs - an environment that encourages collaboration and creates more openness for everyone to learn from each other. The IMA gathering has shown me how powerful it can be when people come together and create something bigger than themselves. 

Finally, we met Manish Jain

He is one of the Co-Founders of Shikshantar Andolan, Swaraj University. 

Manish Jain is an inspiration to many. He has dedicated his life to education and learning, striving for an education system based on self-learning and collective knowledge. 

He believes in the power of questioning and exploration rather than conformity and rote learning. 

This journey of understanding unschooling can only be completed if we meet changemakers like Manish Ji. He taught us the beauty of experiential learning and self-determination, essential for creating a meaningful learning system that encourages exploration. 

Manish Ji has been inspiring people with his story of passion and discovery for many years now, and we can learn so much more from him.

Adi and I have realized that our journey is never-ending, no matter how far or wide we roam. There are always new places to explore and infinite possibilities for growth - if we keep searching and learning. 

So, let's keep adventuring and discovering! Who knows what awaits us around every corner

Aug 25, 2023
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