re you a homeschooled student dreaming of attending top universities like Harvard, Princeton, Oxford, or MIT? You might have heard a persistent myth that homeschooling puts you at a disadvantage in the Ivy League admissions race.

Fortunately, this blog is here to shatter that myth and empower you to achieve your academic goals.

Here's why you should ditch the doubts and embrace the possibilities:

  • Top universities value academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, and a strong personal narrative. Homeschooling, when done well, fosters all of these qualities.
  • This introduction doesn't have yet to delve into the advantages of homeschooling, but it piques the reader's curiosity.

Get ready to explore real-world examples of homeschooled graduates thriving at Ivy League institutions and discover key strategies to optimize your application for these prestigious universities. By the end of this blog, you'll be armed with the knowledge and confidence to turn your Ivy League dreams into a reality!

Can Homeschoolers apply to Ivy League Schools:

Harvard University

Each applicant to Harvard College is considered carefully, and homeschooled applicants are treated the same as all other applicants. There is no unique process, but all relevant information about your educational and personal background is welcome.

In addition to the application, all applicants must submit a transcript (which can be created by the family member or agency overseeing your schooling) and recommendations. Read more here

Princeton University:

Princeton welcomes applications from homeschooled students. Although they still make up a tiny portion of the homeschool pool, applications from homeschooled students have increased.

Your experience as a homeschooled student will be somewhat different from that of students in traditional schools. We'll look at your academic record and nonacademic interests and commitments within the context of your particular homeschool curriculum and experience.

We understand that for many homeschooled students, there is not as straightforward a distinction between academic and non-academic activities as there might be for students in a traditional high school. 


University of Oxford:

Does Oxford welcome home-educated applicants?

Oxford University welcomes applications from students from any background, including those who have been home-educated. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): 

MIT has a long history of admitting homeschooled students, and these students are thriving and vibrant members of our community.

Over the past decade, we have seen a surge in homeschooled applicants. Homeschooled applicants make up less than 1% of our applicant pool (and less than 1% of our student body), but these numbers are growing.

Homeschooled students come from urban, rural, and suburban neighbourhoods. Some have been granted a formal high school diploma, while others have not.

Internship for homeschoolers in MIT -HIP-SAT

Homeschool Internship Program for Science and Technology

If you want to check about other colleges, you can check here 

Homeschoolers at the Ivy League:

Here are some inspiring examples of homeschooled students thriving at Ivy League institutions:


A Homeschool Graduate's Journey through Harvard 

Stories of homeschooling students 

Princeton: David Hogghomeschooledoled student and gun-control activist, graduated from Princeton with a degree in Political Science.

MIT: Malvika Raj Joshi, a seventeen-year-old computer programming talent, was admitted to the prestigious MIT even though she did not have a class or XII certificate.

Although she won three medals in the Programming Olympiad or International Olympiad of Informatics, she could not enrol at IIT as she had not taken any board exams and did not have a class 10 or 12 pass certificate, which is required for the technology institute.

Malvika's parents pulled her out of school in class 7th, even though she was a top student at Mumbai's Dadar Parsee Youth Assembly School. Her mother decided, and her engineer father took some time to deal with it.

To continue her education at home, Malvika's mother quit her job and designed an academic curriculum for her.

Mumbai teen's entry into MIT shines a light on homeschooling.

Apr 23, 2024
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