he world is in a constant state of flux, and the skills needed to navigate it successfully are evolving just as rapidly. Traditional education models often struggle to keep pace, leaving a gap in preparing our children for the future. But fear not! This is a time of incredible opportunity!

We now have access to a wealth of innovative learning programs that go beyond rote memorization. These programs empower young minds to develop the critical skills they'll need to thrive in the years to come. Skills like:

  • Critical Thinking: The ability to analyze information, identify biases, and form well-reasoned arguments.
  • Decision Making: The confidence to weigh options, solve problems, and make sound choices.
  • Questioning: The power of curiosity, asking the right questions to uncover deeper understanding.

These are precisely the focus of a program called The Journey. Here, young learners delve into subjects that ignite their passions, fostering a love of learning that extends far beyond the classroom.

Intrigued? Stay tuned as we explore what makes The Journey so unique and how it empowers young minds to become the critical thinkers, decisive decision-makers, and inquisitive questioners of tomorrow!

Jorge Sánchez Hernández, founder of The Journey, saw a gap in how we’re educating our most curious and brightest minds.

Himself a college dropout, he went on to work in top tech companies like Google and found multiple startups, simply by allowing himself to pursue the skills he quickly saw he needed most. 

Now, Jorge works with high school students in his cohort-based online program, The Journey, where kids learn how to identify their interests and nurture them into a successful project, whether that’s launching a business, writing a book, filming a documentary or inventing a new piece of hardware.

Teens learn important soft skills, like how to communicate with different types of people and practical skills, like how to automate Excel sheets, all tailored to the interests of each student cohort.

We spoke with one of the current students of The Journey, Mary, a public school student in Georgia, to get a student’s perspective on this non-traditional way of learning and preparing for a successful future – whether that’s a more traditional college path, or something completely different.

Mary shares her perspective on non- traditional learning.

Question: Why did you decide to join The Journey?

Mary: I joined The Journey because I had previously participated in an online program focused on problem-solving and learning outside the classroom. After graduating from that program, I  was looking for additional ways to continue my personal growth.

I learned about The Journey and it was the perfect program for me to do so.

Question: What makes this extracurricular activity different from what you can find in your hometown or your high school?

Mary: Jorge, the founder and my cohort’s program guide is one of the most extraordinary mentors that you could count on your fingers in the whole world. I don't think that anyone else would be able to teach us so many things the way he does.

Other programs focus on obvious and boring topics, while here we are learning things that aren’t typically taught to students my age.

Question: What project are you working on?

Mary: I have been working on creating my own board game and creating my own online business!

Question: What has been the most difficult skill to learn?

Mary: It has not been easy for me to learn certain things, such as time management and personal finance (specifically investing), but with time and practice it has been getting easier.

Jorge and The Journey have been extremely supportive in helping me learn at my own pace and in a way that applies to my specific project and situation.

Question: How do you think The Journey will impact you in your life? Has it already impacted you?

Mary: I can already see how The Journey changed the way I think about my whole life – how I can become financially independent and pursue interests and projects I wouldn’t normally think about. I cannot stress enough how many good things it has changed in me.

Question: What kind of school do you attend? Do you feel The Journey works well with your setup?

Mary: I attend a public high school – and because it's new, there are many things about it that you wouldn't see traditionally. The Journey only adds to that, introducing us to information outside of the box, putting us ahead of many other teens.

Question: What kinds of students will benefit from the Journey?

Mary: Anyone who is "curious and hungry" about the world, anyone who strives for a better life or anyone who wants to explore endless possibilities and opportunities that you could find daily would enjoy this program.

This program is for all students, regardless of their grades and testing abilities – as long as you come curious and engaged, you’ll get a ton out of it! 

Question: Why would you recommend The Journey? Why not?

Mary: The Journey is a program anyone should attend if they can. The world is moving fast. The Journey accelerates us so we don't fall behind. I do not think there are any reasons to not join!

In times when we are need to build skills that will help us stay relevant in a constantly evolving world, The Journey provides a unique platform for young learners to develop the critical skills they'll need to succeed in any field.

By empowering them to pursue their passions and providing them with mentorship from successful individuals like Jorge Sánchez Hernández, The Journey is shaping the leaders of tomorrow and preparing them for a future full of endless possibilities.

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May 7, 2024
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