di and I recently visited Manzil in Delhi, a unique learning space where young people are encouraged to discover themselves, their skills, and their inner beings.

Manzil offers a variety of programs such as academics, coding, and English language, allowing young people the freedom to choose and pursue their interests.

A Place for Lifelong Relationships

One of the core values at Manzil is the importance of building friendships and relationships that serve as a lifetime support system. This community-centric approach creates a nurturing environment where students feel connected and supported.

The beautiful team at Manzil is a testament to this philosophy; many of the team members were once students at Manzil themselves, creating a cycle of co-learning and mutual growth.

We joined the team lunch at Manzil with Uma and team.

Meeting Uma and Understanding Stable Leadership

During our visit, we had the pleasure of meeting Uma, who leads the programs at Manzil. She emphasized the importance of having a stable and dedicated team to guide the learners.

Uma's insights highlighted how crucial it is for learning spaces to have leaders who are committed to the growth and development of their students.

A Non-Conventional Approach to Learning

Manzil is not a conventional school. It welcomes children from the age of 8 and focuses heavily on peer learning. There is no hierarchy; instead, students learn in a circle format with different age groups mingling together.

This approach fosters a collaborative learning environment where everyone learns from one another, including the parents who also join the learning circles.

Supporting Youth Dreams

Manzil is doing incredible work by supporting the dreams of young people. By providing a space where they can freely explore their interests and build meaningful relationships, Manzil is helping to shape a generation of confident and capable individuals.

Our Experience

Adi and I were deeply inspired by our visit to Manzil. It was heartwarming to see a community so dedicated to fostering self-discovery and mutual support.

Spaces like Manzil are essential for nurturing the dreams and aspirations of young people, providing them with the tools and environment they need to thrive.

If you are looking for an alternative learning space where young people can grow, learn, and discover their true potential, Manzil is a place worth exploring. Their approach to education is holistic and community-driven, creating a supportive network that benefits everyone involved.

Join us in celebrating and supporting the amazing work being done at Manzil, and consider how such spaces can transform the future of learning and living for our youth.

Jun 28, 2024
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