here's no denying that technology has reshaped the world, and the digital age has brought about new challenges as well as opportunities.

For most young people today, the internet and technology are a vital part of their lives, but many of them don't have the opportunity to fully understand the potential or to develop skills that will help them thrive in a digital world.

However, in Bansko, a small town in Bulgaria, people are coming together to empower young people with skills to work globally and to find work.

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On 28 January 2024 At 1400 Nestwork Coworking / Nestwork Coworking

In this blog post, we will discuss how a community, including expert mentors and parents have teamed up to offer innovative skills like film making to empower young people in Bansko.

The film-making project supported by MaNaBu is a collaborative effort to support young people and their dreams with Film director Lara Olbeter mentoring young people in Bansko.

This approach of purposeful learning, where young people can see the effect of their learning, is giving them a sense of pride and achievement. They are mentored by the best, and witness the smooth transition from learning to working directly.

Learning skills such as film production can be both challenging and rewarding, leading to other opportunities that can help them solidify their career paths early on.

The project aims to empower teenagers with filming, editing, production skills, including MaNaBu's certifications, by providing them with opportunities to find work assignments and work globally.

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Intro Session ofthe FMP Youth Program

It is an opportunity for young people in Bansko to learn about and develop Film Production skills while being supported in their transition from school to working life.

Many young people have dreams of working in specific sectors, but do not have enough experience or skills to get the job done. But when these students are empowered with skills, they become invaluable within their community and beyond.

Moreover, such exposure leads them into becoming successful and productive members of the community. This has multiple benefits, including creative and innovative ideas supplementing existing projects and entrepreneurs in the area.

Overall, the project is a tool for progressing the future of Bansko and Bulgaria as a whole.

This is an excellent model that can be replicated in other places worldwide, where experts come together to empower the future generation.

It takes a village to raise a child, and in Bansko, the adults come together to help the youth to realize their full potential. This approach sets the pace for developing proactive rather than reactive solutions, resulting in a stable and sustainable industry on a global stage.

In conclusion, the film-making project supported by MaNaBu is a fantastic initiative that aims to empower young people with skills and opportunities to work globally.

It offers the youth in Bansko opportunities for growth, progress, and hope—for a future where they can take advantage of new technology and opportunities to become the driving force in emerging tech.

Lastly, this model of community learning and support should serve as an example and can be a common approach taken to empower the youth worldwide. Let us come together, support the young people, and create a future where they can work confidently and prosperously in a connected world.

This project aims to bring hope andnew possibilities to the youth. Please RSVP -Daniela Slavova/+359 88 960 4133WhatsApp

Jan 29, 2024
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