fter working in education for seven years, I saw the limitations of traditional learning methods. I realized many of us are stuck following systems that leave us unsatisfied and disconnected from our true passions.

This realization prompted me to explore alternative ways of learning and living.

I decided to leave my traditional job, and Adi left his conventional school. Together, we embarked on a journey of self-directed learning and project-based exploration. I delved into writing, focusing on education and alternative learning methods.

Meanwhile, Adi engaged in various projects, including coding, building things, and exploring technology.

Last year, we began traveling and connecting with people working on diverse projects and ideas. It was incredible to see the innovative ways individuals were pursuing their passions and contributing to their communities.

This year, on May 9th, we started our learning yatra, traveling to Nepal, Delhi, and Himachal, and beyond.

In Himachal, we visited various communities and spaces, including Solan, Tirthan Valley, and Bir. We joined Banzare Souls in Dharamshala to learn about community work and lived in the beautiful village of Salig.

In these places, we witnessed firsthand how people are creating spaces for learning and growth. We met individuals working with youth, supporting village communities, and bringing their dreams to life.

This journey has been an eye-opening experience, showing us the endless possibilities of alternative learning.

We encountered people who have traveled the world in search of their purpose, trying different things, and children who are learning what they love, whether it be art, music, or other interests.

My determination to speak with more people living alternative lives and learning in unique ways only grows stronger. I would love to meet more individuals working in different spaces.

What I've come to understand is that we have limited ourselves to a certain way of living, and we've stopped exploring many other ways to learn and live.

Through this journey, I aim to bring you more stories of people who are breaking the mold and finding fulfillment in alternative paths.

As we continue our learning yatra, I will work on sharing these diverse stories and travel experiences. I will reach out to understand what people are up to and how they are creating new ways of living and learning.

Stay tuned as we bring you insights and inspiration from our travels, and join us in exploring the boundless possibilities of alternative learning.

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Jul 5, 2024
Alternate Learning

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